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My name is Nathalie Bonney and I’m a shopaholic. Up until very recently both my wardrobe and chest of drawers, were so jam–packed that it was difficult to find anything and so most of the time my clothes were parked on the floor. One solution was to stop shopping: for over a year now I haven’t set foot in Primark because I can’t resist the cheap price tags and I’ve even gone on complete clothes shopping bans for a couple of months at a time – but that hasn’t created more space because I’m also not great at getting rid of old clothes.

Realising I needed to do something a bit drastic I called on the help of ‘clutter consultant’ Helen Brennan from Access Self Storage. On looking at my wardrobe Helen was to the point: “the rail is bowed and it’s going to break if you don’t do something.” She recommends separating your clothes by seasons then storing away the out of season items as well as clothes for specific wear such as evening dresses or skiwear. My summerwear was neatly folded into sturdy plastic boxes that I can slide under my bed. We then got to arranging the remaining items.

As I went through my clothes Helen asked me if I ever wore them and if I liked them. If the answer to either was no they went in the discarded pile. At the moment this is just a ‘maybe’ pile that I can look through again. But the idea is if after a couple of months I still haven’t touched anything from this then it’s probably not worth keeping. “Sometimes we have clothes that still fit us, are in good condition and perfectly nice but for whatever reason we just don’t wear them,” says Helen.  As an example, I had eight pairs of flip flops that were in relatively good condition but never get worn because I prefer to wear my three favourite pairs. I can’t sell these on ebay but some of the clothes that still have tags on should sell well. 

We then grouped together similar items in my wardrobe and chest of drawers. It was so nice being able to see all my clothes and get to them easily. The temptation I now face is to not fill up the remaining space with yet more clothes but an advantage of sorting through everything is that I’ve rediscovered some old favourites, which should help curb the spending. My wardrobe may be tidy but my name’s Nathalie Bonney and I’m still a shopaholic.


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very helpful tips......... really like that idea. i am always keen to sort them out but always puzzled from where to start.... thanks for your tips.

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