The Credit Crunch Dilemma - Staying in or going out?

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"But London's so expensive!" said my best friend when I tried to invite her out for a night out on the town last night. And this wasn't one of my always broke university friends either. With a little help from my other best friend, Google, I decided to find out about all the free things you can do in London, here's what I discovered:

1) Swapping shopping for culture - Now that I'm on my new budget, my shopping habit has resorted to 'window shopping' instead. I found this great website called London Is Free which lists everything from free exhibitions, theatre to dance tickets. Currently there are free tickets for Summer Festivals happening across the capital and tickets for TV shows.

2) Museums and concerts - There are more than 200 museums in the capital and many of them including the British Museum, Natural History Museum offer free exhibitions for the budget culture vulture. Also, even if you haven't listened to much classical music, check out the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre for free lunchtime concerts.

3) Grab some freebies  - The good thing about the net is that there are lots of freebies online, including dvds and gift packs, perfect for an evening in. The internet is also good for another thing: competitions. Currently, I'm trying to win an iPod Nano. Wish me luck!

4) Make the most of staying in - Tonight I'm having a movie and popcorn evening with friends, the hardest part is deciding what to watch. The boys want Fight Club and the girls want 10 Things I Hate About You. We could have a real fight on our hands! Here are some of the other suggestions that friends have done:

 - A hot pot evening - Rather than doing all the cooking, invite friends over for dinner but each guest has to bring their own dish.

- Nineties TV marathon - Remember My So Called Life or Freaks and Geeks? Dig up an old TV show you haven't seen in ages and re-live an old teenage crush.

- Cake bake - Tired of watching the same old soaps? Grab an old cookbook from your local library and make something tasty. Over the last few week's I've made an ice-cream cake, flapjacks and chocolate brownies. Yum!