A problematical Nationwide credit card and a Nationwide FlexAccount might not be a good idea

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Money problems? 

Nationwide now claim they can just take it from your Flexaccount if you're behind on their credit card. 

I examined my 2006 card agreement and it isn't even legally enforceable. 

Plenty of Nationwide nonsense on the phone, though. 

Prepare for a war of weasel words.  There are no depths to which they won't sink.

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Nationwide has been my main credit card for MANY Years, I have always found it a 'Market Leader' in both use abroad & interest rates.

I cannot but 'Speak as I Find'


nationwide customer services are a nightmare.
They made a mistake and charged me £12 for it
I owed them nothing at all had payed my balance in full every month !!!!!
going back to using natwest card
branch will not discuss problems customer services are useless