Was Pudsey affected by the Credit Crunch?

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Amazingly this years Children in Need appeal raised £20,991,216 on the night which is even more than the £19m achieved last year. This puts it well on the way to beating the £37m in total that was raised last year.

This has got the Daily Mail all confused as they were clearly ready to roll out the stories about us all being “less charitable as the country heads into recession“.

I’ll leave it to the psychologists to debate whether we are more or less charitable during harder times, but for what it’s worth I reckon Pudsey benefited from the ‘Credit Crunch’ as it’s likely that more people stayed in this year and were therefore at home to donate on the night. Although the Sun newspaper would dispute this as they think the ‘Credit Crunch’ means we are all too busy creating the next baby boom!

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The less people have the more they can relate to others' needs is my guess. I collect door to door for Christian Aid and the most generous are those living in the mobile home parks. I'm most frequently turned away (usually politely) from the five beds/two baths/detached properties nearby

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