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Well after 2.5 years trying to sell we have finally had an offer and after a bit of negotiating we have accepted.  The buyers want to move in quite quickly so we're planning to move into my parents temporarily while we find somewhere to buy.

We are in the process of sorting out a solicitor but haven't got a clue what else we need to do.  Should we wait until after the survey before we start anything else?  Its a good excuse to have a bit of a clear out so I guess I can get started on that! 

One of my other concerns is that I have a business which I run from home.  I have recently done a lot of advertising using several local magazines - The Leyland Leader, Mega-Mag and Village Pages - and I have taken out packages with them to run for several months.  The number I use is an 0845 tel no that I receive from Orange as part of my broadband package.  When I move does anyone know what happens to this number - is there anyway I can still keep it?  I have my website on all the adverts and I will be able to change my number on here but if people try the old number and get no reply will they think to check on the website?

Also if we are moving into my parents for a few months can I cancel and get refunds on home insurance, tv licence, etc?

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Hi mbirkman congratulations on your offer but you need tread carefully before you start rushing to cancel things. Many house sales do fall through - you may fall out with the buyer, or they may change their minds or the chain may be broken. Wait until at least one month before the set date before you even think about cancelling anything!

Some of these points won't apply to you as you are moving into yoru parents, but I found the following guide very helpful:
One month before the move day:
- Tell your bank and credit card providers, building society, insurance companies and all other relevant companies about your new address, givin them plenty of time to update their records (some require a month). is a great site for this
- Don't forget your TV licence, the inland revenue, DVLA. You can get a refund for your TV, I did - they will send you a form – just fill it out and send it back.
Two weeks before move day:
- Start eating the food in your freezer!
- Send change of address cards or emails to friends and family
- If you think you will need to book storage space, organise that now
- If you are going to have your house professionally cleaned, arrange it now
- De-register from your doctor, dentist, optician etc if you are moving out of their catchment area.
- Check you have insurance coverage for the move and make sure it is adequate for your needs
One week before move day:
- Organise your utilities to be switched off at your current house when you move out, the meters read. Don't forget your phone and internet service.
- Make a list of all important phone numbers like estate agents, solicitors, removals company, insurance, utilities along with any account numbers to call should you need to.
- Arrange babysitting for any young children, and pet-sitting if necessary. If any kids may need a day off school, write a letter now.
- Find out your seller's solicitor's new contact details, in case of difficulties at the house.
- Ask the estate agent if the seller can supply a list of recommended local services eg. plumber, electrician, for when you move in
- If you are leaving your doctor and arrange supplies of any medicines you regularly take, to keep you going until you can find a new doctor.
Two days before move day:
- Start running down your fridge
- Begin throwing out anything you don't want. Divide into rubbish, which can go to your local dump, and donations, which can go to a charity shop. Don't forget to clear your loft, shed and garage
- Cancel your milk delivery and newspapers
- Take down curtains and blinds; this takes time and can really delay you on move day and annoy your buyers if you’re not out on time
- Re-confirm arrangements with your moving company
- Send an email out saying you'll be offline for a few days and pack up all computers; also pack up stereos and big electrical equipment
- Pack up valuable, delicate or small items like jewellery and ornaments.
The day before the big move!:
- Collect any medicines, inhalers etc that you will need over the next few days, along with paracetemol, plasters, contact lens solutions, glasses, razor, toothbrush and a change of underwear and add to your 'personal luggage'
- Collect together your keys, deeds, contract, insurance documents, important phone numbers, removals paperwork, utilities paperwork, a calculator, an alarm clock, your cheque book and credit cards, and add to your 'personal luggage'.
- Pack a box containing the kettle, mugs, teaspoons, sugar, teabags, coffee, snacks, takeaway menus, scissors, a torch, corkscrew/bottle opener, a radio, soap, toilet paper and towels and mark it clearly
- Fill your car up with petrol and plan your route. Check for roadworks so you can avoid them.
- Pack a box of basic cleaning and repair products for the new house, including a dustpan and brush, strong bin liners and a toolkit, and mark it clearly.
- Box up things like books and out-of-season clothes.
- Get cash out for last-minute emergencies, basic supplies and tips.
- Recharge your mobile phone.
On the day:
- Each person should keep their 'personal luggage' on them. Pile them by the door until you're ready to go, don't leave with boxes where movers may put them in the van.
- Strip beds, pack bedding separately and mark clearly whose is whose
- The box containing the kettle, mugs etc should travel with someone in the van who should then ensure it's put in the new kitchen area
- Leave a note with your contact details for the new occupants if necessary.

If you are moving within your area code you will be able to take your number.

Another alternative for the future is to have a VOIP number and you can choose a specific geographical number and be anywhere on earth and use it.

Thanks Canarius - your words were very wise and the sale has fallen through.  Unfortunately the buyers have had their mortgage offer withdrawn as they only had a 10% deposit!  I will keep your comments for when we eventually do move though - thanks again!

Dave I will also look into the VOIP option you mentioned.  I am considering purchasing my own 0800 number that I can take with me when I move.  I have been doing some research and apparently people still prefer 0800s even though 0845s are often free to call now.

Does anyone know a good place to buy an 0800 number?

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