Beat the Credit Crunch by living the Woody Allen Mantra

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In the movie The Front, Woody Allen says that the biggest crime in his family was to buy retail. Carve it across your forehead be prepared to do some work and beat the credit crunch. A solicitor charges up to £1000 for Lasting Power of Attorney - to you, £150 if you do the work yourself with the OPG. Buying a second hand car? Source it on the net, get on a train and travel across the country to buy in the more depressed areas of the UK. Travel to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada for next to nothing? Book ahead flights via Delta's nearest US hub who regularly overbook, with your outward US flight the night before a public holiday and the last flight of the day. The airline will throw money at you plus a hotel room to miss that flight and your overall flights become heavily discounted. Engage your brain, listen to Woody Allen and the credit crunch just does not exist.


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