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I have had a frustrating couple of weeks dealing with Tesco Personal Finance. I've set up an internet savers account with the firm and due to a mix up - okay, it was my fault - it took two lots of money out of my current account at the beginning of the month. The glitch was easily rectified but I've now hit a brick wall when trying to access my account.

Everyone at Tesco Personal Finance is very nice when I ring them. But after two weeks I'm still no closer to actually being able to access my account and transfer the money back to my current account. 

The main problem is the website - it wont allow you to register and tells you that the computer has been idle for 10 minutes.

I have asked now to close down the account as I want to see my money at some point in the future. But despite it being an online account I have to send them notice in writing and they'll send me a cheque. Great.

The website seems to be falling apart. That's fine I guess if your just a paper based banking operation but pretty rubbish if you are advertising online savings products.  

The tall ginger guy in charge at Tesco Personal Finance left HBOS under something of a cloud after he mucked up their mortgage business (this is pre-credit crunch and the wider market downturn). Good to see he's keeping up the good work at Tesco.  














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Regarding the website incorrectly telling you your computer had been idle for 10 minutes...it may be that you had not enabled cookies on your PC. It's annoying, but a number of websites fail to tell you that cookies are required to be enabled on the client machine and then start behaving oddly rather than tell you what's required.

Totally agree - this is the most inefficient and user unfriendly site I have ever used, and I think it is operated by HBOS - Shock Horror. I, and many colleagues, have used the internet banking sites, and it is well nigh impossible to get anyrthing registered when sending back requested details - so far, weeks after they were returned, they have still not been processed by the staff, so full registration cannot be completed. Farcical really - all our money is in, but you can't touch it. Sounds a familiar banking tale from the experiences of the past few months!

Unfortunately cookies are enabled on my computer - I've used both my home and work computers and I have the same problem with both. Occasionally it toys with me and attempts to let me register but then the system crashes again. It's just a pile of rubbish. It really should be illegal for firms to take your money before you can safely access it. Rubbish bank, rubbish system, I curse the day I was lulled in by its high savings rate.

I've finally got access to my money after a month, though even then you need a card reader which takes 15 days to arrive by post. Great. Also, I'm afraid Gramic that HBOS has nothing to do with Tesco Personal Finance. It was a joint venture with RBS but Tesco bought out RBS' stake earlier on in the year. The only link to HBOS is the wannabe family man in charge. Interestingly there was an article in The Scotsman in which the head guy says he's planning on expanding the Tesco PF brand to China and South Korea. If they can't deal with a couple of hundred thousand customers in the UK I can't quite see how they will cope with the millions in China. I pity the Far East.He also talks in the interview of putting some of the Tesco DNA into the personal finance side of the business. There was clearly a mix up at the lab as someone seems to have injected Tesco Personal Finance with Lidl DNA instead.

I do apologise for the lack of updates on this blog but all the effort outta college at the moment is spent on emailing Dell about my laptop battery being dead. I managed to kill it by leaving my laptop on standby over the holiday break and it drained the battery completely. Somehow because of that doesn't retrain charge any more. Luckily its under warranty as I got it last November but Dell isn't that keen on sorting the problem out. I need to call them up really but I have to fit it in somehow. Meanwhile when I was walking though town the day aftter Woolworths closed in my town, I peeked though the window to see the staff was clearing all the shelfs and signs away. I took acouple of photographs but I felt bad as their all lost a job so didn't hang about too long. I'm unsure if anything will be moving in to there too soon though as the town is rather dead anyhow in terms of shops.

Tesco - has anyone else had this problem ?

Having opened an internet account - I have just recd my vouchers and the 1500 points meant to be credited for having £5000 in there before the end of November 2008, has not been added. I ahve called tesco and they are looking into it.


I too have unfortunately made the mistake of trusting Tesco with my savings. After two months of letters being sent from me, as they keep asking for my signature, I'm still no nearer in getting access to my money! I've got an account number, I know my pin code and I know the website registration code, but I still CAN'T GET MY MONEY.

Tesco online banking 
I just use Tesco Credit card, thank goodness, but not for much longer.
If I am reading this correct, if we want to use Tesco online banking, we will have  to compromise the security of our computers by allowing 'third party cookies'  and we are also told not to clean-up our computers of such cookies etc. in future.
Also if we use other search engines we will have to install the system into each browser in order to receive a 'cookie' that they call a 'token'.
What happens if you want to use Tesco online banking from a remote computer not our own, or use a different browser?

This website is really wise..

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