How I got more than £400 back from E.ON

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I recently received my quarterly energy statement from E.ON.

It advised me that my account was in credit to the tune of £130, it also indicated that it wanted to increase my monthly direct debit by £40, due to the increase in energy prices. I'd gone for a dual fuel direct debit discount several years ago so figured that i'd got a reasonable deal.

For once I decided to delve into the detail more than I often do, prompted by an unusually warm winter in East Anglia, which meant that my family and I had hardly used our tumble dryer.

It transpired that my meter hadn't been read for 12 months and all the charging has been based on ‘estimates of usage' that were influenced by one of the coldest winters on record.

I eventually found the triangular key that opens the door to my meter and discovered that my actual usage was well below the estimated levels. So instead of having an account in credit to the tune of £130 I had one that was £440 in credit.

E.ON kindly suggested that in that case it wouldn't need to raise the direct debit at all! Helpful, but I'd rather get a higher direct debit to get my money back. I told E.ON as much, and five days later it was back in my account.

There's a simple message here, read your meter! I'm now going to have a look at what switching could do for me.

Compare energy prices and switch provider

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I'm with E.ON too but find it not worth changing supplier if you choose the best E.ON tariff. Relative prices are related to amount used so everyone needs to do a comparison. I had a good deal last year with dual fuel and a paperless billing account which was 26.4% less than the standard tariff. I only found it by looking at other suppliers and as a last try, tried E.ON. The tarriff lasts one year and if you do nothing reverts to a basic dual fuel tarriff. So this year I had another look and on a SaveOnline 9 tariff I found the usual 8% for dual fuel and direct debit payment but with a guaranteed MINIMUM 2% below the basic rate.

Give it a try, I don't think the tariff lasts indefinitely.

Which only goes to show one should not take a bill at face value and one should always check to see that what kilo watt hours your being charged for are correct and more or less correspond to the figures showing up on the meters allowing for the fact that your checking meter readings some time after the supply company read them so they will probably be a little higher but should not be by all that much.

In many cases we believe it is worth the time and trouble to check the details of our statements. For example, we have the following experience with e.on.
Early this year we decided to look into the details of our past statements and found out that for at least 13 years e.on had forgotten(?) to give us the Dual Fuel discounts on both our gas and electricity consumption. (They often stated in their publicity “You’ll automatically receive” a discount off every energy bill and we therefore believed it was just a simple automatic procedure.) We immediately complained to them and they explained that in our case, due to the setup of two separate gas and electricity accounts in their system none of the Dual Fuel discounts were made to us - during all those years! We replied we should not be penalised just because of a fault in their accounting system and should be fully reimbursed, retroactively going back to 1998 and with interest. They then insisted they were not (legally?) required to consider more than seven years back and also refused to pay any interest. We pushed on and on and after several months of stressful but persistent negotiations we finally recovered about £500. We were however totally dissatisfied with the way they handled our complaint and recently switched from e.on to another power company.

I've been with Eon for years and have never had any issues with them. They review by DD payments every 6 months and if my account has large Credit they refund me. They send me emails when my bill is due to be made up prompting me to read my metre and they have a range of online deals with discounts available

Funnily enough I discovered that I was £441 in credit - as I changed from Eon to Scottish Power.

I wonder why you haven't submitted a meter reading every 4 weeks? That's what we do to make sure our bills aren't estimated. You can either do this online or use you energy provider's automated phone system.

I check with Uswitch every week and any others if they send me emails. I have been with E-on for around 3 years, currently on save online 9 Dual Fuel.I also check with E-on every 2 to 3 weeks to confirm that I am on their cheapest tariff. Everything I do tells me I cant get it any cheaper. FYI I live in Kent

Like most of EONs customers I found myself with a proposed increase(of £30 pm),knowing I had a credit of £300.Perhaps the onus should not have to be on the customer to work out a realistic monthly charge and that the supplier in proposing a new figure should take account of any credit and factor it in .On the other hand their bills do provide all the information the customer requires to make their own informed calculations
,quarterly consumption ,estimated annual consumption,year on year comparison unit costs.So there is no problem arguing your case with EON based on the data they provide .
So I had no difficulty getting my monthly payment amended taking account of my likely consumption over Winter .Oh,I've also taken to wearing layers!

Don't forget that you can get your Tesco points credited to your Eon account with a 50% uplift. Bit of a fiddle around with the computer but well worth the effort. Has to be in multiples of £5-
For me, this reward makes Eon the very cheapest electricity provider.

Yup! Don't accept anything they say at face value. Any and all of the energy suppliers. Check and re-check 'cos they lie and I think they lie deliberately. I think their computers are set up to lie and I think the staff are under pressure to lie (if you get the chance to speak to a human).
Always, always, always tell them the correct readings by phone or online. If the scum in charge of this country had 'the people' in mind they would pass legislation to make the energy companies automatically put anyone on the lowest tariff according to their circumstances.... but then, the scum are reaping the profits from their investments so don't hold your breath on that one.
It would be soooooo easy. But we get the docile prat in the government saying change suppliers for the best deal. I suspect he's got an accountant and a small army of minions making sure his bills are the cheapest!

I just got a call from eon to say i was £518 in credit, as i had had a faulty meter for over a year which was only changed 3 months ago, but i had regular readings taken from the faulty one.
It wasn,t until i wanted to change my tariff that they discovered the fault.

I record meter reading every Sunday evening to check my consumption of the gas and electricity and keep en eye on fluctuatations. It also helps me to compare with different suppliers the cost  accordingly. I can also work out what should be the direct debit, so that I do not pay more than necessary.