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I have tried today to print off a copy of my account statement from the IceSave website, but cannot do so.

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What a nightmare. I presume they must have thorough records or our deposits though.

Do you know what's actually happening with Icesave? If you're with other Icelandic banks it sounds like it's all sorted either your with ING or you're receiving your FSCS forms but there's no news from Icesave.

I'm still very worried about losing the money as there's going to be lots of steps before we see anything and the news just keeps getting worse.

I'd really like some clear advice about what to do now. What are you doing?

Hi,  there is nothing anyone can do except sit it out and wait.  The British Government have made a promise that investors money under the upper limit of £50K is guaranteed.  Although the process should take under 3 months for the savings to be received if it was a British bank that failed, as this is a foreign bank the process could take 6-9 months to finalise payments. The government set a precedent with Northern Rock when it honoured the ISA accounts, so presumably IceSave's Isa accounts will be treated in the same way, so that no entitlement to tax free savings will be lost.

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