Goodbye Moneywise

Hannah Ricci's picture

So, after three years of writing about the crazy world of personal finance, I’m leaving Moneywise and the UK to go travelling across Canada.

It’s been an interesting three years. When I started at Moneywise all I really knew about money was that I liked to spend it, but I soon learnt that it affects almost every area of our lives. From managing income and day-to-day spending, to achieving goals and saving for the future, there’s simply no escaping it.

But with so many financial decisions to make and a huge industry pushing products and services, it can feel so overwhelming that I’m not surprised many people make mistakes or simply bury their head in the sand.

With so little education about personal finance at school, young adults are often ill equipped to make important financial decisions when they leave school and university to enter the real world. Not knowing the basics such as how to budget or the implications of spending on a credit card can lead to serious debt problems in later life.

That’s why I believe the Moneywise Kids and Cash campaign to get personal finance education on the National Curriculum is incredibly important – if you haven’t already, sign the petition on the Moneywise prime minister’s website.

So, all that’s left to say is that I hope I have written the words ‘credit crunch’ for the very last time and when I return in a year or so it will have all blown over.

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