What Price Representation?

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In Great Britain, Democracy ends at the ballot box.  Year in, and year out, our politicians promise the earth in their manifesto and then when they win 'power' promptly forget the very people who put them in power in the first place and do their own thing anyway.  So how do we correct this state of affairs?  One sure-fire solution is to: (add your own solution) here is mine:

For many years, I have been of the opinion that the only way to obtain true representation of the people is for the electoral roll to consist only of those who 'actually' pay Income or Council Tax.  National/EU Elections should be restricted to those who pay taxes and, similarly, Local Elections should be restricted to those who pay Council Tax.  The way our money is given away to this, or that, group, country, or whatever without any reference to the taxpayer beggars belief and is surely nothing short of highway robbery.  It really is time that politicians of all persuasions began to Listen, and Act, on what their real constituents actually think.  If Electoral Rolls were constructed in this manner then perhaps we, the people, might actually stand a chance of being listened to and, who knows, our taxes might even be reduced for fear of their losing the next time around.

Does anyone from the political world read these blogs?  If so, where is the evidence?

Your Comments

Sadly, I think that most elected officials promise what they believe people want to hear and then once elected promote their own agenda. It would be great if your proposed fix helped out with this problem instead of the public having their hearts broken when the things they thought they voted for are never realised.

Thanks Kate.  I only wish others felt so inclined.  It's up to them now...but if I were to stand for Parliament etc, that would be my platform although I'm certain the major parties would not wish to endorse this as they are more likely to be the losers.

I have long felt that the question of choice in the run up to elections at local or national level could be condensed into a single question, would I rather be shot or prefer hanging. For years I have listened to promises from politicians of all persuations which an educationally subnormal chimp would realise are empty words.  Scoring political points seems to be far more important than the actual job of running the country.  Spin has poisoned everything our masters say, blatent lies are disguised  in this way, as in the wmd farce and still our leaders wonder why Big Brother has a better voting record than a general election.  Even that much vaunted idea of democracy, god forbid anyone should promote any other system, seems to me less than adequate because if the vote goes 60-40 for example, logically 40% of the electorate are not represented and have to take whatever medecine is dished out whether they like it or not.   

What proportion of the voting public do not pay tax, surely it cannot be that high? Having worked in the Treasury previously (yes, it was under GB), my opion of politics has completely changed. Is it about policy? No. Is it about character or charisma? No. It is about administration and management. You should not view the PM like a charismatic idealist but rather an accountant, there to do a specific function. In this sense the more boring the better.

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