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I like Nationwide for their Flexaccount cheque account.  I have a 1000 overdraft, which I have needed briefly a few times.  I can do internet banking which is fairly secure if you keep your PC free of trojans, which I do.  I can quickly pay biils online, change standing orders, direct debits.  When Telewest cheekily debited the wrong amount, they got it back for me!!  I have a debit card which I can use for payments at home and abroad, no currency charges.  I get interest on the balance.  As a member, I am also a shareholder.  There are no charges unless I make a mistake.

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I have found first direct fantastic in every single thing I have done over the last 10 years. Some much so that we are even going with an offset mortgage with them now - great savings rates and just all so very easy online. Even get prepaid envelopes and if you recommend a friend you get £50 and they get £100 - how cool is that - if you would like £100 I am happy to recommend you - contact me via the blog and it is a win win situation . I can confirm I do not and never have worked for them - just a very satisfied customer!!! Let's pass on good news rather than always harp on about the bad.