The Credit Crunch and me

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I do wish the media would shut up about the credit crunch . We all know its happening,we can all feel the effects,but do we need to be reminded of it every five minutes? Life can be depressing enough without that!. Take me for example. I work a 42 hour week,with a one hour commute each way. When I get home I have my disabled partner to look after,and a house to clean and food to cook and lawns to mow etc. He cant do any form of work to bring money in, and because I earn SO MUCH,he cant claim any benefits. I earn £28k. Now I know to some people that is a lot of money,but it doesnt go far. We have a mortgage for £120K,not a lot considering the area we live in,but that is £700 a month.Then there is the Council Tax,£125,and half my wages have gone before I have even turned the lights on .I dont want people to feel sorry for me,but I do want people to understand what it is like in the real world,

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