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We went to look at a house the other day. Its great-everything we need-level access,shower room,the lot. 3 bedrooms.Massive driveway,huge garden.Room for all our stuff. £190k.Really cheap for this area. The reason its so cheap?These poor people have sold it 3 times since Christmas,and each time the buyer has had to drop out. Well. We are quite tempted,even though its more money,because it does have what we need and it is lovely, I dont know if we can get that much mortgage but we have a plan.Get my Mum and Dad to move in with us.They live in a council house. My theory is that it will be cheaper for all of us if we are all in the one house together.I am not sure if Mum will go for this idea. Will she want to give up her council house,that she has had for the last 41 years,to live with me and Husband?What if we dont get on together?what about the cats?and her plants? I can hear all the objections now. So why cnt I just ask her? Because she is in USA at the moment. Why?Because my idiot brother,who has lived there for the last 17 years has so completely messed up,that his wife just tried to commit suicide. WHy? Because they are in so much debt,they have debt collectors on the doorstep every week. They are currently living in a rented house where half the electrics dont work.They have no furniture as they have sold it all to get money for food for the 2 kids,who sleep on a mattress ion the floor. His car was repossessed,and he still owes them money on it. He is driving a clapped out old wreck,which Mum discovered had 3 bald tyres and no brakes. She had those fixed as he takes the kids to school in it ! There is no food in the house,because it is cheaper to take the kids to a fast food place than to cook at home.apart from the fact they have no saucepans because they sold those too.He is supposed to be on medication for his heart$200 a month. So he doesnt have it.

 He wants to come home,and bring the wife and kids. However it will cost $200 for a visa for each of them,plus the air fares.......

So yes,the credit crunch has given me some things to worry about,but there are always people worse off. You just don't think it will be your own family,and you dont think that you cant even lend him a few quid to be going on with....

Your Comments

Sorry to hear of your brothers dreadful situation. I hear that the benefits system in the US is very poor too. It must be very hard for him and his family. Best wishes for his wifes swift recovery.

By the way, what part of the coutry do you live in. I read your description of a large 3 bedroom house for 190K with disbelief. I live in London and that wouldnt buy you a bedsit in most places.

Great blog.

Hi,thanks for reading. The house is in St marys Bay,Romney Marsh. Yes it is amazingly cheap,but thats because these poor people are desperate to sell.

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