Part 3

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Thanks for the helpful comments. I have tried to claim all the benefits,but as I said before ,apparently I earn such a high salary that we aren't entitled to anything. I'd love to know where this high salary is going,but its not into my bank account thats for sure!

Anyway,Social Services have been to see us,to see if they can make any adaptations to our house to make life easier for us. The thing is,I cant get husband into the bath as he would never get out again,so he has to sit on a bath board while i literally hose him down. Anyway the SS recommend that we have the  bathroom changed to a wet room,because then he can shower properly. Great!


So we apply for a disabled facilites grant,which is a grant from the local council specifically to change the house for someone who is disabled. Anyway,we fill all the forms in ,and get a letter back saying,yes,we can have a grant but we would have to pay the first £19,000 of any work ourselves . In other words,bugger off we arent giving you a penny. Can anyone tell me where I am going to get another £19,000 from?


Its not even as though I have any rich relatives who might die.

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