Not so (Money)wise

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Well this is novel, isn't it? A blog about finances and the like. More pertinently, perhaps, my blog about finances and the like. I certainly can't claim to be an expert just yet on matters of money (my bank balance, alas, can confirm that) but I'm obviously working in the right place here at Moneywise to rectify that.

Further evidence of my need to start practicing what Moneywise preaches comes in the form of my ever-expanding CD collection (latest additions include: An MC5 album which really wasn't a good idea. A Johnny Cash collection which was and Closer by Joy Division - which didn't disappoint...). Note to self: Just because if it's cheap and you've heard of 'em - you don't have to buy it.

At least we can all be thankful that I've not got responsibility for important things like budgets and costing projects. They've clearly all got their heads screwed on. I mean, all you've got to do is look at the financial successes that are the Millennium Dome (sorry, O2 Arena) and the 2012 Olympics...

Anywho, don't let all that put you off - I might not be the world's greates saver, but I'm hopeful that we can all learn a few things from each other to make our wallets and purses a little heavier (and us a little happier).

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