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This week has been a bad one for my blood pressure and my pocket. First the Tube strike, followed by two days of snow has had the combined effect of sending my heart rate through the roof.

Snow is like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. Hate is a strong word, but there’s a lot to be said about a severe weather condition that has consumed the office for two days. It’s made us capable of no other conversation.

People in the office exclaim that it’s “pretty” or “festive”. I agree with neither. Possibly, POSSIBLY if you’re sitting inside on a lovely day off in front of a roaring fire, it is quite attractive. But when you have plans or work to do it’s annoying, cold and not to mention expensive.

For the second time in two days I’ve spent over an hour travelling to work when it should only take me 40 minutes. And, I’ve had to pigeon-step, rather than race, down the usual 500 metres from the bus stop to the office. Even when I finally reach my desk, various members of my team are swathed in what appears to be Jesus’ baby blankets and mumbling about the ‘treacherous’ conditions. Snow evidently makes us go a bit crazy.

Even this lunchtime, despite a rumbling stomach, it took me a good half an hour (plus a ski jacket) to muster the courage to go outside. We all have equal horror stories – one colleague’s partner slipped in the snow and broke her leg in three places, which will cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended) to fix. Another colleague was marooned at London Bridge station several nights ago and I haven’t seen our art director since Monday. Cheers a lot, weather.

To top it off, it’s even encroaching on my weekend. I’ve booked a trip to Hamburg for the weekend, but Gatwick Airport has remained resolutely shut for the past two days and just this afternoon I received a text from EasyJet saying "your flight has been cancelled". GUTTED.

It’s playing havoc with my finances. I’m hoping my travel insurance will cover it as it’s fully-comp, but I can’t be sure. The last thing I need after a ruined weekend is losing £80 on a return flight. I’ve also had to buy thick socks at £8 a pair plus pay for taxis home as buses and Tubes simply cease to work. I’d usually cycle, but with the roads being so icy I’m forced to use other forms of transport.

Compared to Scandinavia, Russia and Canada, the UK is lagging way behind. A mere two inches of snow doesn’t even touch the sides with them, but it somehow seems to make Brrrrritain grind to a halt.

But then maybe I am a total misery guts. There is one upside to all this snow though. There’s nothing quite like spying four girls in high-heels fall flat on their faces for attempting to walk to work at their normal pace. Snow, do your worst.


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What a moaner you are. Poor colleagues...

One of my colleagues, based in Leatherhead, is working on a European project. He flew into Heathrow from Italy on Tuesday, and as for the rest, I will use his own words...

It is hard to choose whether the high point was sliding around the M25, or pushing the taxi up the slip road at 1 a.m., or walking the last mile and a half home after the taxi driver abandoned his car...

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