Inflation rates.

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The target inflation figure of 2%, like many other targets of this Government, is a figure plucked out of the deep blue sky.

It is preposterous to think that if inflation in the rest of the world increases that somehow the United Kingdom will not be affected because the former Chancellor in his great wisdom has decreed that it should not rise above 2%.

The consequential act of the Governor writing to the Chancellor is as meaningless as the subjects of King Canute explaining why the tide did not obey His Majesty's instruction.

What is required, and I have argued this since the figure of 2% was first introduced, is that the target should be the average inflation rate of a basket of countries. Our target rate should be a moveable target reflecting world wide inflation rates.

It would be madness to introduce measures to maintain a 2% rate when the rest of the world is inflating at a much greater level.

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For the past few years, there has been a ton of dialogue about how Americans are not saving much cash or at least not putting it aside. Even if individuals were to up the rate of savings, inflation rates have virtually made it an unnecessary exercise.

It is very important especially nowadays that we have bank savings. It will surely help us in critical times that we badly needed cash. Inflation is a robber, as it makes each dollar go less distance every year. It virtually makes accumulating any savings a pointless exercise.

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