Spare a thought for the pubs

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The final nail was hit in the coffin of the British pub industry yesterday, and I find it shocking how little much of a fuss has been made of it. I'm sure many of you reading this go to the pub, perhaps on Friday lunchtimes, sunday afternoons,or maybe as a watering hole before you hit the town...well unfortunately guys, those days are numbered.

I own a pub here in Bath, and the trade is on its last legs. We're closing at a rate of knots. And you think it's only going to be around 5p on top of a pint of beer? Think again. After paying suppliers, transport costs etc etc it will work out more like 10p. And an even bigger kick i the teeth is that Darling already MAKES 50, yes 50 TIMES as much out of EACH pint sold as the brewer does. It's disgusting.

Well us publicans aren't standing for it. There's already a motion to stage a UK strike across the pub industry one Friday night this summer when we all shut our doors at 5pm. Let's see just how angry the UK public get when they find they can't enjoy themselves as usual. Good luck on that on Darling.

Still, i suppose they can all stay at home sipping their cans of Asda special brew, at least it's cheaper than water - but that's another story.


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