I hate supermarkets

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I hate supermarkets.

You may have already guessed that after my last blog, but recently they've been getting up my nose even more.

Sure, they sell alcohol cheaper than water. Sure they are single-handedly bringing the UK's pub industry to its knees, but y'know what? They're conning the average joe too.

I read Rebecca Atkinson's article on supermarket shopping (Wise up to supermarket tricks) with great interest, but there are a couple of points missed.

First off, I have a grandson - I took him to the beach this weekend and had to stop off to get some food for our picnic. Before getting to the checkout he dragged my wife and I down the sweets aisle. Funny how all of those tempting and expensive bagged sweets are placed at ankle height within reach of little fingers eh?

You mention dropping a brand. But how many people actually read the ingredients? Take Bran Flakes for example. Kelloggs' 500g - £2.26 in Tesco. There is not much difference in taste (I've tried) to Tesco's own brand 'lighter' option - £1.59. 'Wow, I'm saving myself 67p here!' you may say.... But the Tesco value option comes in at a mere 89p. Upon actually reading the nutritional content of the lighter and value options, the calorific content, sugar, salt, carbohydrate etc etc were all exactly the same! So in effect you are paying an extra 70p for a smarter looking box, or an extra £1.37 for the premium brand.

Say you go through 1 box a week, over a year you'd be spending an extra £71 on cereal alone. That's a day's work!

As you can guess, I'm not a big fan of supermarkets. A necessary evil in my household - if only I could afford to buy from my local farmshop...I'm a prisoner by my purse strings. The sooner this crunch ends the better.

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