The New Statesmen [& Women]

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When 'The Chief Secretary of the Treasury' David Laws resigned in a hurry recently we were to that he was a 'Great Loss', 'An Honourable Man', and a great many other 'Platitudes'.

It then emerged that he was a very wealthy man who could have readilly paid the rent for/to his partner. The writing on the 'Parliamentary Wall' was there for all [including him] to have seen it coming.

Several 'Suspect Individuals' in terms of the the finances from the last Parliament have returned to the House of Commons, several more are in the process of being tried through the courts. [More 'Honourable' some may say 'Greedy' individuals may follow.]

When the Law is changed so that those in both 'Houses of Parliament' are, on conviction, forced to relinquish both their seat, status and privileges we can begin to believe in Parliament again [Well 'Begin' - Maybe].

In other terms treated as those they purport to represent and [Sadly] despite their high language, try in some cases, to rip off!!


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