Bestinvest: Bestinvest Stocks & Shares ISA

Account:Bestinvest Stocks & Shares ISA
Account features
Apply online
Minimum investment Min single premium £500
Min monthly premium £100
Investment range
Unit Trusts/OEICS
Exchange-Traded Funds
Investment Trusts
Index Tracker/Passive
Offshore Funds
Number of funds Unlimited funds available
Fees and charges
Max Initial Charge none
Max Annual Fee 0.4%
Free switches all
Transaction Charge Online dealing in funds: There are no dealing fees or switch charges on investments in unit trusts and OEICs. Online dealing in securities other than funds: A dealing fee on each transaction (buy and sell) when investing online in securities, such as stocks and shares, ETFs and investment trusts is payable. The standard online dealing fee is £7.50 per transaction. All quotes to buy stocks and shares, ETFs and investment trusts will tell you what the dealing fees are and any taxes or levies that apply. These are payable immediately. This is primarily an online service. If clients place a deal in any type of investment by phone, each transaction currently costs £75. Certain securities can be illiquid; these tend to be small cap companies, investment trusts and ETFs, and it is not always possible to trade online. Phone-dealing rates apply in these circumstances.
Exit Charge £50
Transfer Out Fee none