Barclays: Children's Regular Saver Issue 1

Account:Children's Regular Saver Issue 1
Account type:Savings Account
Tax status:Taxable
Rates & conditions
Headline interest rate 3.50% AER
Interest rate type Fixed for 12 months
Interest payment frequency Monthly
Rate tiers
Gross Rate Excluding BonusGross Rate Including BonusAER
Introductory bonus No introductory bonus payable.
Bonus payment conditions Not applicable.
Interest rate guarantees There are no interest rate guarantees.
Interest payment options to same account
Opening the account
Minimum age -
Maximum age 16 years
Minimum deposit £5
Account opened
Account conditions
  • Withdrawal conditions
Managing the account
Minimum balance £0
Minimum withdrawal £1
Minimum additional deposit £0
Maximum balance £1,200
Withdrawal conditions Withdrawal Conditions - Withdrawals and closure are permitted subject to a lower interest rate of 1.50% gross 1.51% AER fixed, payable for any month in which a withdrawal is made or the account is closed.
Statement frequency annually
Additional information The child's parent or guardian has control of this account. The account can only be opened by an adult aged 18 or over, who will operate the account as a trustee for a child under 16 years. If the parent or guardian controlling the account has a current account with Barclays that is registered for telephone or online banking, telephone or online transactions are available. The account transfers to a Children's Instant Saver on maturity.