Barclaycard: Initial Credit Card

Card Name:Initial Credit Card
Networks available:Visa
Initial Credit Card
Rates & Fees
Introductory offers
Intro balance transfer ratena%
Intro balance transfer periodno intro offer
Intro balance transfer feens%
Balance transfer limit£5,000
Intro purchase rate0%
Intro purchase period0% for 3 months
Other rates and fees
Representative APR34.9% APR (Representative)
Interest free period56 days
Interest charged fromdate of trans debit
Annual fee£0
Interest on cash withdrawals34.9%
Charges and payments
Charge on overseas spending2.99%
Charge on cash withdrawals2.99% of withdrawal (minimum £2.99)
Charge for going over limit£12
Charge for late payment£12
Charge for returned payment£12
Rewards & Benefits
Spending Rewards
Cashback Rewards£30 Cashback available. Customer must make minimum payments on time during the first three months, must not exceed the credit limit during the first three months, and they also must make a purchase with the card in the first three months. Terms and conditions apply.
Points Scheme-
Shopping Rewards-
Charity Rewards-
Other IncentivesEntertainment: Advanced ticketing and exclusive access to shows. Fee Free Friday - Book on a friday and barclaycard pay the admin fees. Competition prizes include tickets to shows. Worldwide Assistance: Help to replace lost/stolen passport or travel documents; Legal and Medical Assistance with a local English-speaking lawyer or doctor; help getting home in an emergency; interpretation.
Cardholder benefits
0% on overseas purchasesCheck
Travel insurance-
Warranty cover-
Purchase protection-
Internet fraud protectionBarclaycard keep an active lookout for unusual activity on all card accounts. If fraud is suspected, Barclaycard will contact the cardholder to verify suspicious transactions. Cardholders will not be liable for fraudulent transactions that take place without their knowledge.
Opening and managing the account
Application information
Minimum age18 years
Minimum income£3,000 per annum
Credit ratingSubprime
Existing customers only-
Additional account required-
Apply onlineCheck
Maximum credit limit£0
Account services
Manage onlineCheck
Cheque bookCheck