Why can't I find a good ISA transfer?

Getting a good deal on an old ISA is becoming increasingly difficult. Rachel Lacey urges the OFT to stand up and force banks to offer a decent rate to all their customers.

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The whole banking savings set up is an out and out CON ...
My HSBC cash ISA dropped so low i was forced to move it .. Took hours and hours.
I will have lost lots of interest as after six weeks i still have not got my new account opened with Santander. Apparently the process can take in excess of a month !!
my elderly parents who rely on their income from hard earnt savings found out that Nationwide were paying them 0.20% ( YES a miserable Zero point Two percent.)on their high yield savings account. They have lost several thousand pounds because of this sort of behaviour.
Where is the OFT and the Govt when we actually need them. instead of creating a daft nanny state with warnings about absolutely everything , please can they prioritise and start getting to the heart of the problem.
I am hugely angry about this ..it is legalised fraud
I hope that if enough people jump up and down and complain some thing might be done and fast
thanks david mead

Re Decent Paying ISA Accounts

All providers should be required to offer an ISA version of all their appropiate savings accounts paying the same gross rate