Ascentric: Ascentric Wrap Junior ISA

Account:Ascentric Wrap Junior ISA
Account features
Apply online
Minimum investment Min single premium £0
Min monthly premium £100
Investment range
Unit Trusts/OEICS
Exchange-Traded Funds
Investment Trusts
Index Tracker/Passive
Offshore Funds
Number of funds Unlimited funds available
Fees and charges
Max Initial Charge none
Max Annual Fee none
Free switches none
Transaction Charge Transaction charges are as follows: Transaction Charge Standard Electronic Funds Dealing (via EMX & online contract note) £9.50 per deal Electronic Regular Investment £2.00 per deal Manual Funds Dealing (non EMX & posted contract note) £9.50 per deal Fixed Term Deposits and Notice accounts £20.00 per deal Electronic Exchange Traded Instruments (via Crest & online contract note) £9.50 per deal Manual equities dealing (non Crest & posted contract note) £20.00 per deal If the Financial Adviser manages the client's investments through Model Portfolios, the following charges apply instead of those above:- Model Portfolio charge £60 per year, deducted quarterly in arrears Electronic Fund Deal £2 per deal Non-electronic Fund Deal £4 per deal Exchanged Traded Asset Deal £4 per deal DFM Dealing £1 per deal
Exit Charge none
Transfer Out Fee none