AJ Bell Youinvest: Youinvest Investment ISA

AJ Bell Youinvest
Account:Youinvest Investment ISA
Product summary:Low cost, but there's no fund recommendations for inexperienced investors. Costs £150 a year for a £50,000 portfolio.
Account features
Apply online
Minimum investment Min single premium £500
Min monthly premium £25
Investment range
Unit Trusts/OEICS
Exchange-Traded Funds
Investment Trusts
Index Tracker/Passive
Offshore Funds
Number of funds 6,300 funds available
Fees and charges
Max Initial Charge none
Max Annual Fee none
Free switches none
Transaction Charge Buying and selling investments (per deal) Asset Type Charge Funds (including unit trusts and OEICs) online £1.50 Shares (including investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and bonds) online £9.95 Shares, where there were 10 or more shares deals in the previous month £4.95 Regular investments online £1.50 Telephone deals are charged £29.95 each. Where AJ Bell Youinvest are required to complete a paper application (eg structured products) the charge is £100. Foreign exchange charge on international dealing and foreign currency funds is 1%.
Exit Charge none
Transfer Out Fee none